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Honey, I'm Home!

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Well, it's no lie that it's been a while since I've posted. It's not that I haven't been travelling, I've actually seen and done a lot in the past year or so. I think what I found myself in the depth of this past year was true presence (and conveniently... a broken laptop). My Instagram was my main haven for posting and inspiration, however I'd be lying if I said I haven't missed writing these posts. I've seen so many beautiful things and felt sad I didn't have the means to post about them on here, or frame photos from my latest adventures. However I'm writing tonight to share with you the latest adventures I've been on, so let's jump in.

I'm not even going to attempt to cover everything, and I know there will be trips and details that I leave out, but I'm happy to keep those memories close to me as my own, and I know there are plenty more adventures coming up that I will share heaps of detail on!

Let's start with where it all began (again)... May 2022. I received the phone call I'd so desperately been waiting for. It was my (now Team Leader), telling me my application had been successful... and I've gotten the job. This wasn't just any job though. It was a job with a travel company that I was incredibly eager to get into. I'll never forget the feeling that came over me when I walked into the building for my first interview, I looked around and saw a foyer oozing with wanderlust (if you can believe such a thing exists). There was a huge quote on the wall, as well as giant televisions playing footage of incredible scenery from different locations all around the world. The people walking into the building were warm and friendly, and without wanting to sound cliche'... I felt like I'd arrived home. I knew sitting there in that I had to get this job. I remember texting my sister in that moment saying how excited I was to be there. Funnily enough, I didn't get the first job I interviewed for that day. It was actually a few months after that where another opportunity in the same company came up so I swiftly applied. I again was interviewed, but this time with a much better outcome. I remember arriving home to Michael working in the yard, I ran up to him and smiled and he said "did you get the job?!" with a smile much bigger than mine. I smiled and nodded and he quickly burst into tears. We embraced each other and cried happy tears in disbelief. He was so happy for me because he knew what getting this job meant to me. Fast forward 12 months and I am still just as stoked to be working here. I knew this would spark the flame I had within me to finally align my passion for travel with a paid career, and it well and truly has. I get to talk about travel all day, every day with like minded people who are some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

Naturally, this meant the months to follow required a lot of my focus and attention in learning a new role. There was lots of excitement, nights out, new friends and work events which has kept me pretty busy and partly to blame for my absence in posting. However I knew what was happening was very important and required my presence and attention so I just went with it.

Two months into my new job, I took a trip to Tasmania for my sister's 30th birthday. We were walking around the beautiful Dove Lake on Cradle Mountain when we stopped to take some photos. Michael asked for a photo with me (which is very unusual for him) but I was stoked for the suggestion and happily grinned as he held me beside him. As I began to walk off after we'd stopped posing, I turned to see if he was following... to find him down on one knee! After 7 years of dating believe it or not, I was NOT expecting this one iota. My two sisters and best friend were right there to witness it, equally as surprised as I was. Conveniently, it was all captured on both camera and video as they had thought we were just posing for a photo anyway! We spent the rest of the trip loved up as anything, and I couldn't take my eyes off my brand new ring. It was truly the trip of a lifetime and Tasmania will always hold a special place in my heart now.

After Tasmania, Mick, Winnie & I took off on a road trip down to Newcastle to visit friends. We pin-balled down the East Coast stopping in various coastal locations on the way. We had the most magical time taking it slow, exploring new places and soaking in the summer weather.

Not long after our road trip we were off to Cairns for a long weekend where we ate, snorkelled, swam, explored and (thankfully) avoided the crocodiles. It's hard to believe it's been 5 years since we've been overseas but our domestic trips have been so unique and incredible in their own right, and I've really enjoyed this time exploring my own backyard. It's allowed me time to reestablish my roots, recalibrate and set my sights on a really exciting future full of some incredible holidays on the horizon.

So that's my little update on what's been keeping me busy the last 12 months. I'm feeling incredibly grounded, grateful and I've found home in my new career in travel and I'm so excited to share all that's to come.

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